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Akron Divorce Attorney

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Divorce is hard, but it can get easier.

There is a lot an experienced, compassionate divorce attorney can do. You’ll have a lot to consider when separating from your spouse. Let the legal professionals at Erb Legal come up with a plan that will benefit you.

Erb Legal provides quality legal representation for divorces and other family law matters in Akron and surrounding areas. Call (330) 249-1778 or use our online contact form for a consultation.

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Do I Need an Attorney for a Divorce in Akron?

While you are not required to hire an attorney to get a divorce in Ohio, the process is complicated without one. Many legal documents must be completed, filed, and served to your spouse correctly. If you miss any details, your divorce may take longer than necessary, or you may not get the desired outcome.

How Can an Akron Divorce Attorney Near Me Help?

A divorce lawyer shoulders much of the stress during a divorce. Although they are professionals who will handle the paperwork, Erb Legal is much more. We listen to your story to better understand your situation and goals. We fight to get the best outcome for you and your family.

An Akron divorce lawyer offers you several benefits, including the following.

Drafting & Filing Legal Documents

When you start a divorce in Akron, you must file several documents with the Summit County Domestic Relations Court. If your divorce involves children, there will be significantly more documents involved.

Negotiating With Your Spouse

Anger, resentment, and other emotions in a divorce make it tough to negotiate with your spouse. You will need to find common ground on such decisions as property separation, debt allocation, alimony (spousal support), child support, child visitation, and more.

It can be more than uncomfortable to talk to your spouse in some situations if there is a history of abuse or neglect. An Akron divorce lawyer with Erb Legal is skilled at developing separation agreements, parenting plans, and other documents in the best interests of our clients and the entire family.

Protecting Your Interests

If your spouse has an attorney, they have a professional in their court fighting for them. You deserve the same. You are not likely to get the best outcome if you go into a divorce alone. Your spouse and their attorney may take advantage of you, potentially leaving you without financial security or the custody situation you sought.

In our experience, a divorce lawyer provides the objective oversight that protects you now and in the future.

Divorce Services Provided by Erb Legal

Erb Legal has extensive experience with all aspects of divorce in Ohio. We are ready to help you with:

If you have any of these issues, we can help. Our skilled Akron divorce attorneys will gather all necessary information and work hard to achieve the best possible outcome.

Divorce Process in Summit County

It can be a complex and time-consuming process to seek a divorce in Akron or the surrounding area. That process will involve filing appropriate documents, meeting specific deadlines, and attending hearings. Hiring a divorce attorney can help ensure you complete this process smoothly and with as little stress as possible.

Divorce Requirements in Akron, Ohio

Before you file for divorce in Ohio, you must meet the following requirements:

In addition to this, you cannot finalize a divorce if you or your spouse is pregnant. You can start the divorce process, but it will not be finalized until after birth.

Request Necessary Temporary Orders

Couples often separate before officially dissolving the marriage. Marital separation requires temporary legal orders to handle specific issues while the divorce goes through a lengthy court process.

You might need temporary court orders for child custody, child support, or spousal support. A divorce lawyer in Akron can take care of completing and filing these documents.

File the ‘Complaint for Divorce’ and Related Forms

Among the many forms and legal documents involved in Ohio divorce proceedings, the most important is the Complaint for Divorce. The complaint explains to the court that you want a divorce and lays out your grounds for divorce if any.

Filing Fee

You will also have to pay a filing fee to file a divorce in Summit County. The filing fee depends on what type of divorce you seek – dissolution, separation, divorce, annulment, etc. You should know that the fee changes if you have children.

Grounds for Divorce in Ohio

While many people file for a no-fault divorce, there can be benefits for establishing grounds for divorce. Establishing grounds for divorce may help you get custody of your children or allow you to obtain alimony.

Grounds for a divorce in Ohio include the following:

The court requires that you provide proof for any ground you assert. It’s best to work with an Akron divorce lawyer who understands how to prove the elements of these grounds and convince the court that you deserve a positive outcome.

Serve Divorce Document on Your Spouse

Once you file your Divorce Complaint and other documents, they will need to be served on your spouse. “Serving” your spouse essentially informs them that you have filed for divorce. Most people serve divorce papers through certified mail; however, there are other ways if you don’t know where your spouse is living.

It’s best to work with an experienced divorce attorney who can ensure service is proper. If it does not occur according to the law, then your divorce may not be able to be finalized.

Attend Divorce Hearings and Conferences

There will be several divorce hearings and conferences. In most cases, your attorney can appear on your behalf, and you can go about your everyday life without taking time off from work or away from your children.

Your attorney can negotiate the details of your divorce with your spouse’s attorney. You should let your lawyer know what you want and need, and they will work to achieve those goals. The more things you and your spouse can agree on, the less time you spend in court.

Finalize Your Divorce

You will likely have to attend the final divorce hearing. During that final hearing, the judge will ask you questions and either grant or deny your divorce.

You can improve the chances of getting your divorce granted by making an agreement with your spouse or settling all the crucial issues before the final hearing. If you and your spouse couldn’t reach an agreement, the judge decides for you.

Issues Decided in a Final Divorce Hearing

Your divorce is not final until you receive a Judgement Entry for Divorce.

Protect Yourself – Hire an Akron Divorce Attorney

The best way to protect your interests during a divorce is to get legal advice from an Akron divorce attorney. The legal process can be complex and is more daunting when you also consider the emotional impact of ending your marriage.

An Akron divorce attorney with Erb Legal works with you on a one-to-one basis to achieve your goals throughout separation and divorce. Call (330) 249-1778 or use our contact form to schedule a consultation.