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What Exactly Is an Ohio Marriage Dissolution?

In the state of Ohio, there are two basic ways to end a marriage. One is through divorce, and the other is through what is known as a dissolution of marriage. For many of those who are living in Wadsworth, Medina, or Medina County, a dissolution of marriage may be a better option than traditional divorce. Married couples living in Wadsworth, Medina, or Medina County often find that an Ohio marriage dissolution is less emotionally trying, and faster than going through a regular divorce. Even so, a dissolution of marriage is not for everyone.

Under Ohio Revised Code §3105.61-65, a marriage can be dissolved if both parties are co-petitioners. They must petition the court together. If one party wants to dispute the action, then a dissolution of marriage is not the proper legal remedy.

For those who live in Wadsworth, Medina, or Medina County, a dissolution of marriage must include a written Marital Separation Agreement, which is often known as a MSA. This is the basic document used in these actions and must be signed by both parties and done so in front of a notary. This written agreement, if applicable, must include important details such as issues concerning child support, child custody, the division of property, retirement benefits (if any), and payment of martial debts.

In the event that there are minor children in the marriage, the dissolution agreement must also include a state-mandated Model Parenting Plan.

Those who are living in Wadsworth, Medina, or Medina County should consider a dissolution of marriage as a non-adversarial legal proceeding. In other words, those residents of Wadsworth, Medina, or Medina County who are seeking a dissolution of marriage must agree on all of the termination conditions.

Once all of the required forms have been filed with the court, the court will schedule a hearing. This normally happens with 30 to 90 days. A contested divorce, on the other hand, can take much longer in Wadsworth, Medina, or Medina County.

So, is divorce better than dissolution of marriage?

It depends on your individual circumstances. There is simply no one; answer to this question. The best option for Wadsworth, Medina, or Medina County couples who are considering a break is to discuss their case with a Wadsworth, Medina, or Medina County family law attorney. The decisions you make at this point in your life are important. Get the information you need to make the best decision.

This information is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this page should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. Please consult an attorney for specific case information.


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