April 19, 2015

Common Facts About Ohio Divorce

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In Wadsworth, Medina, or Medina County, Ohio, as well as elsewhere in the state, there are two ways to legally end a marriage. The first is through what is known as a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, and the second is through a Complaint for Divorce.

In Wadsworth, Medina, or Medina County, as elsewhere in Ohio, there must be appropriate grounds for a divorce. Also, these grounds require that the parties agree on them and that they can be substantiated.

In Ohio, it is the Court of Common Pleas that grants divorces. Some of the more common grounds for an Ohio divorce include:

  • Incompatibility, which is a no fault ground if both parties agree.
  • Living apart from each other for at least one year is also grounds for a divorce.
  • If husband or wife are discovered to be married to someone else, that, too, is grounds for a divorce. This falls under the Fault classification of Ohio divorce law.
  • Adultery is grounds for a divorce in Wadsworth, Medina, or Medina County and elsewhere.
  • Extreme cruelty is grounds for a divorce.
  • If the marriage constitutes a fraudulent contract.
  • If there is shown to be gross neglect of duty by either party, a divorce can be awarded.
  • Frequent and habitual drunkenness are grounds for divorce.
  • If one party is imprisoned in a state or federal correctional facility at the time of the divorce filing a divorce may be granted.

All of the grounds for a Wadsworth, Medina, or Medina County divorce can be found in Ohio Revised Code: Sections: 3105.01.

When considering a Wadsworth, Medina, or Medina County divorce, it is usually in the person’s best interest to seek legal assistance through a qualified and experienced divorce attorney. Both parties in a divorce action have rights, and protecting those rights is an important task that a divorce lawyer can accomplish for you.

This information is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this page should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. Please consult an attorney for specific case information.

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