April 11, 2019

Tips for Telling Your Children That You Are Getting a Divorce

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When you get a divorce, perhaps one of the most difficult things you will have to deal with is telling your kids. Just like adults, each child has a different personality and temperament, so it can be difficult to anticipate your child’s reaction to the news of the divorce. While there is no way of getting out of breaking the news to your children, there are certain ways you can tell them and techniques you can use to minimize the negative impact the conversation can have on your child. Here are a few tips you can use to make the conversation with your child go a bit more smoothly:

Tell the Whole Family at Once

When the time comes to tell the children about the divorce, some parents will tell the older children first in an effort to shelter the younger children from the news. While this seems like a good strategy to use, it can be detrimental to both children. Your older child should not have to bear the burden of the news while your younger child is being told that they cannot handle such situations. It is best to gather the entire family and tell everyone at the same time, then follow up with each child individually.

Use Language Your Children Will Understand

Telling your children about your divorce should not focus on details. You should construct your conversation on a “need to know basis.” Your child does not need to know that one of you cheated on the other or that you are having fights over finances. It is crucial to use phrases that your child will understand.

Be Prepared for Questions

No matter the age of your child, they will have questions after you initially break the news. You should be open and receptive to these questions. Your children may ask you about where they will live, if they will go to the same school, if they will still see both parents and other questions. Try to answer these questions as accurately as you can and if you do not currently have the answer to the question, be honest about the situation.

A Medina County Divorce Attorney Can Help

Telling the kids that you are getting a divorce is never easy, but you can make your divorce process go a bit more smoothly with help from a knowledgeable Wooster divorce lawyer. At Erb Legal LLC, we have years of experience dealing with divorce-related issues such as property division, spousal support, parenting plans and child support. If you are planning on filing for divorce, let us help you make the process as painless as possible. Call our office at {P:P3:SUB:PHONE} to schedule a free consultation.





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