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While the traditional idea of being able to trust a person who has given you his or her word is certainly appealing, today's world runs largely on the strength of contracts. When you agree to a contract for yourself or as a representative of your business, you have every intention of living up to expectations included in the agreement, and you expect the other party to fulfill their obligations as well. Sometimes, however, the other party will not or cannot comply with a contract's terms. If you are facing a potential breach of contract, an experienced civil litigation lawyer at Erb Legal LLC can help.

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At our law firm, we recognize the importance of living up to contractual obligations. A contract that has been properly drafted and executed is generally enforceable by law. Those who fail to comply with a contract's terms could put themselves at serious financial and professional risk.

Depending on the type of contract, the terms and provisions it includes can be complex and confusing. A contract may address a large number of rights, responsibilities, requirements, and considerations, and such documents often use language that is vague and subjective. Therefore, it can be difficult for the average person to realize that a breach of contract has occurred, let alone what his or her options may be for remedying the situation.

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Contract breaches can occur in several different ways and in varying degrees of severity. Some are fairly minor and could result in certain sanctions against the breaching party. Others, by comparison, are more serious and could cause the entire contract to be set aside, with financial damages also likely.

In most cases, we begin a breach of contract case with civil, reasonable attempts to get the party in question to comply with the contract. Our attorneys understand that unforeseen circumstances and other concerns can prevent a person from honoring a particular contract, despite their best efforts. That is why we try to find contract dispute solutions through negotiation whenever possible. We also know that most contracts include enforcement clauses and other provisions that could affect your enforcement options.

If a negotiated resolution cannot be reached, the attorneys at Erb Legal LLC will help you determine the best course of action. Based on your circumstances, you may wish to seek to have the contract voided and a refund of the money you have already paid, or you could seek damages as specified in the contract itself. We are prepared to protect your rights and advocate on your behalf in the courtroom when necessary to obtain the favorable outcome you deserve.

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At Erb Legal LLC, we assist those who have suffered or are in danger of suffering losses in breach of contract situations. We are also equipped to provide the guidance you need if you have been accused of a breach of contract. Our attorneys will review your agreement and build a case that shows you have acted in good faith and in compliance with the contract's terms. As a business owner or a private individual, your reputation is important, and we will work to protect you from unfounded allegations.

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