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Criminal charges are scary, but our clients always know what to expect. We'll review your case and an experienced lawyer will tell it to you straight.

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A lot of lawyers phone it in with criminal cases. Not us. Erb Legal will find weaknesses, challenge evidence, and do everything possible to win.

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We don’t let you get pushed around or pressured into unfair "deals." With our record of dismissals & jury verdicts, you want Erb Legal behind you.

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Other criminal defense lawyers may talk big, but Erb Legal lets our record speak for itself. We are not shy about negotiating with prosecutors or holding police accountable for mistakes. We live to poke holes in the state’s case, and nothing gets in our way when it comes to protecting our clients. Why? – because you deserve the best possible defense if you are charged with a crime. And while we may seem unconventional (we are), you’ll be glad Erb Legal is on your side.

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Falsely Accused Spouse Has Charges Dismissed

In domestic violence cases, deciding who’s telling the truth can be hard. Unfortunately, spouses often make false claims that could put someone face-to-face with an unforgiving justice system. When our client was falsely accused of Domestic Violence and a Civil Protection Order was issued by their spouse, Erb legal took their case to trial. Ultimately, we identified problems in the case and secured a dismissal.