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In the wake of a divorce or a breakup, you may face numerous challenges in maintaining a healthy, meaningful relationship with your child. New living situations and, in some cases, relocations can make it difficult for you and your child to connect as you once did. At Erb Legal LLC, we take parental rights very seriously. Our Medina family law attorneys are proud to help families develop reasonable visitation arrangements that provide each parent the opportunity to remain active in the life of their child.

Protecting Parental Rights in Wooster and Wadsworth

The skilled lawyers at our firm understand that children are usually best served by having both parents in their lives, even after a divorce or marital separation. With this in mind, parents are generally encouraged to create a shared parenting plan that provides for joint parental responsibilities. Each parent may create such a plan, or both parents can work together on one. In either case, it is up to the court to verify that the plan will serve the child's best interests. If the shared parenting proposal is not approved or neither parent submits a plan, the court has the authority to make decisions regarding visitation and parenting time.

Determining visitation begins with the court choosing one parent as the residential parent and the child's legal custodian. Then, other parental responsibilities are allocated between the parents as the court sees fit. The non-residential parent, in most cases, has the right to "frequent and continuing contact with the child"—commonly referred to as "visitation" or "parenting time." The court will consider a number of factors when deciding on a visitation schedule, including but not limited to:

  • The child's relationship with each parent and other family members;
  • The geographical location of each parent's home and the ease of travel between the homes;
  • Each parent's available time and that of the child, accounting for work schedules and other obligations;
  • The child's wishes, with consideration given to his or her maturity and understanding of the situation;
  • The physical and mental health of the parents and child;
  • Each parent's willingness to respect and facilitate the other's parenting time, including missed visits; and
  • Any reasonable allegations or suspicions of abuse or neglect by either parent or other members of the parent's household.

In certain situations, visitation rights may be granted to grandparents and family members other than parents as well.

Summit County Lawyers Helping Area Families

At Erb Legal LLC, we understand that many parental disputes can be resolved through negotiation, and we have the skills to help you create a visitation schedule that protects your rights and those of your child. We also realize, however, that an amicable resolution is not always possible. If litigation is necessary, we are prepared to advocate on your behalf in the courtroom.

If you have questions about visitation and parenting time under Ohio law, our experienced team can help you find the answers. Contact our office to discuss your situation today. Call 330-368-4499 for a free consultation. We represent mothers and fathers in Medina, Brunswick, Wadsworth, Akron, Wooster, Orrville, Barberton, Wayne County, and Medina County.

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