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Family legal matters are hard enough. Your lawyer should know where you're coming from and what it will take to resolve things when facing the end of a marriage, a contentious custody battle, or the prospect of dividing your property. That's where Erb Legal comes in. We understand what's important, and while we pursue every amicable avenue possible, our team is never shy about our ability to fight for your family. With an impressive reputation and record to back it up, our award-winning family attorneys handle the cases other family law firms are intimidated by and leave no stone unearthed in how we protect you.

Divorce, Custody, Asset Division & More. Call Today.

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Custody Decision Reversed on Appeal

Erb Legal assisted a mother in a complex child custody case involving co-parents, stepparents, multiple jurisdictions, and allegations of abuse. In this case, the Court of Common Pleas issued a default judgment against the mother and awarded damages. Believing the decision to be incorrect, attorney Thomas Erb, Jr. argued that the default judgment and the resulting orders were invalid. The Court of Appeals sided with Erb and the mother's argument, reversing the previous decision.