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How Can I Preserve My Constitutional Due Process Rights?

For the most part, people do not set out to harm others. However, in many cases, a person can make a mistake that can lead to being confronted with criminal charges. Criminal cases can involve life-impacting consequences. If successfully convicted, a person faces potentially thousands of dollars in fines and possibly years in prison.

We understand that your life should not be defined by your mistakes. That is why our Medina criminal defense attorney is ready to tenaciously advocate for your legal rights as a criminal defendant. Those who are charged with a crime are subject to societal stigmas and a powerful government that is concerned with punishing criminals. That is why the idea of due process is enshrined by our Constitution.

At Erb Legal LLC, our legal team—under the direction of Attorney Thomas L. Erb Jr.—will work diligently to come up with an appropriate and effective criminal defense strategy that addresses the specific circumstances that are unique to your case.

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