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At the Medina, Ohio law office of Erb Legal LLC, we understand how important it is to protect the assets you have worked all of your life to acquire. Attorney Thomas Erb has been helping families and individuals in communities throughout the state to protect their hard-earned assets with in-depth and personalized estate planning options.

Estate planning begins with deciding how you want the assets you have acquired to be distributed either after your death or in the event you are unable to make financial decisions on your own while you are alive. A properly thought out and professionally prepared estate plan from the Law Office of Erb Legal LLC will accomplish your goals while reducing estate taxes, avoiding costly probate, and ensuring that end of life and other health-related decisions are anticipated and provisions made for someone to make them.

Tom Erb Jr. is the family lawyer you want in your corner.

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Getting Started with a Wooster Estate Plan Attorney

Your estate plan begins with a meeting with Erb Legal LLC to discuss any financial, family, business, or health issues that are of a concern to you. This information will assist your attorney in designing a plan to meet the challenges presented by the issues that are of a concern to you. These challenges might include:

  • Providing for a child with a disability who is receiving Medicaid assistance
  • Preserving personal assets from the consequences of business or professional misfortunes.
  • Providing for charitable giving during your lifetime and after your death.

A review of your assets, income, and other information relevant to creating the personalized estate planning documents is required to ensure that your financial affairs and future health care needs are in order.

Long-Term Planning Assistance

Erb Legal LLC can help you to make the most of the assets and other resources that you have worked most of your adult life to achieve. Our commitment to personalized service helps ensure that the estate plan our office designs will address your specific concerns, needs, and wishes regarding future health care needs, retirement, and the eventual passing of your assets to your family and loved ones.

Estate planning today can help to avoid problems in the future. A simple matter such as designating someone to make your important health care decisions in the event you are unable to do so can be accomplished through a durable power of attorney for health care. When combined with a living will in which your end-of-life wishes are memorialized, these two documents can avoid intra-family disputes while ensuring that your wishes are honored even when you cannot communicate them on your own.

Another estate planning tool is the last will and testament. The estate of a deceased person without a will is distributed according to the provisions of state law, which might conflict with your wishes.

Everyone Can Benefit from Estate Planning

You do not have to be wealthy to take advantage of the estate planning services offered by Erb Legal LLC. Contact us today to find out more about how estate planning can help to protect your financial future and ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes upon your death. Call us today at (330) 446-3606 to schedule an estate planning consultation. We serve clients throughout the counties of Wayne, Summit, and Medina.