We know you’re scared and don’t know what to expect, but we’ve been helping people across Northeast Ohio with criminal matters for years. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to get you through the local criminal justice system.

We’re Available & Always Working

We’re not the lawyers you’re used to. Our Ravenna criminal attorneys keep you informed and relentlessly pursue the best possible outcome when you’re charged with a crime. We answer your calls, provide direction, and never drag our feet when your future is on the line.

Expect a Custom Defense Plan

No criminal case is hopeless, including yours. Our attorneys will review your situation and use our decades of experience to build a defense strategy that considers your best interests and what you need to achieve, whether that’s a dismissal, reduction, or proving your innocence.

Attack the Case & Challenge Evidence

The defense lawyers at Erb Legal are passionate about your rights. Our clients don’t get pushed around by prosecutors or pressured into unfair pleas. Let us find the weaknesses in the government’s case against you, point out the flaws, and present your case.

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Our Criminal Defense Areas of Focus

The Right Lawyer to Protect Yourself

Erb Legal provides full legal services to those in Portage County, Ohio facing criminal charges. Don’t panic if you or a loved one need help with the following. Instead, hire an attorney who is 100% committed to you.

Drug Crimes

Sex Offenses


Assault & Battery


Felony Crimes

Probation Violations


Juvenile Offenses

Misdemeanor Crimes

Property Crimes

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Martindale-Hubbell – Preeminent The AV Preeminent® (their highest standard) is given to attorneys ranked at the utmost level of professional excellence for their expertise, communication skills, and ethical standards.

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National Academy of Family Law Attorneys – Nation’s Premier NAFLA’s highest award, acknowledges the best family law attorneys in each state. Bases on their extraordinary knowledge, skill, experience, expertise, and success.

Avvo’s highest possible designation, attorney Tom Erb Jr provides a snapshot of his skill and insight into his extensive legal background.

As an Elite Lawyer, Thomas Erb Jr has demonstrated a high degree of skill and success in his divorce and family law career, and is active in the community.

The Ohio State Bar Association recognizes an attorney's extraordinary achievements and contribution to the Ohio legal community.

Membership in CACJ includes attorneys and professionals in California and other states with the shared mission of defending people’s rights.

The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 is invitation-only, made up of the premier trial lawyers from each state.

The Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is the premier professional association for Ohio defense attorneys.

Avvo is the largest and most popular online legal directory online and prides itself on providing detailed information on lawyers and legal issues.

Client Champions are an elite group of attorneys who have received exceptional reviews from the people that know them best, their clients.

Each year, less than 2.5% of lawyers in each state make the Rising Stars list, recognizing lawyers under the age of 40 who stand out in professional achievement and peer recognition.

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We’re Different from Other Ravenna Defense Lawyers

Impressive in Court, But Always Fierce.
As an experienced and successful criminal attorney, Wesley Buchanan knows what’s on the line for his clients and how hard it can be to face off the government when they say you committed a crime. But whether it’s an OVI in Aurora, an assault in Streetsboro, or fraud accusations in Ravenna, Erb Legal is there to even the odds.

When you can beat the charges, we’ll explain how. And if you need to take the case to trial, we’ll be by your side, but you don’t have to resign yourself to a conviction and life-changing penalties that may include time behind bars. Let us review the evidence, negotiate, and pursue the best possible outcome.

At Erb Legal, we are our client’s voice during difficult times. When we get involved early and speak for you, it may be the difference in getting your charges reduced, dismissed, or proving your innocence.

We'll Evaluate Your Case

Preparation is the key to defending against criminal charges in Portage County, Ohio. We’ll review the details, evaluate the evidence, and build a defense to resolve things in your favor.

Erb Legal Offers Clear Guidance

Criminal cases rarely go to court, although sometimes that’s the best move. Our team will review all your options, help determine your interests, and work toward an optimal outcome. You’ll know what to expect, whether it’s a plea, a reduction, or preparing for trial.

We Don't Push You, But We Do Fight Back

We will never pressure you to accept a fast result. You’re in charge of your defense, but we’ll say if it’s a bad deal or if going to trial is a risk. Whatever you choose, our attorneys let you defend yourself with the strongest possible representation.

We Go After the Best Possible Result

Erb Legal isn’t an old-fashioned, big criminal defense law firm where we negotiate quick deals that don’t benefit our clients. We’re aggressive and highly skilled lawyers who want to give people the attention and advocacy they deserve. Let us protect your rights, find the best option, and fight for it.

Portage County Criminal Defense Resources & Help Center

Local Criminal Courts

Preparing for Court & Your Options

The best way to prepare for a criminal court appearance is to hire an experienced defense attorney who can advise you on presenting yourself. However, most cases begin with a criminal arraignment in a county court. During this initial court hearing, you must enter a plea: Guilty, Not Guilty, or No Contest (nolo contendere).

No contest is not a guilty plea, but there are similarities. You will have a conviction on your record, and a judge will sentence you. By pleading no contest, your plea can’t be used against you in other legal matters, like a civil case related to these charges.

We recommend you plead not guilty and give yourself a chance to consult a criminal defense attorney.

Portage County Bail Bonds

Ohio has a cash bail system, meaning you may be required to pay a fee to get out of jail before trial. Local jurisdictions often set bail amounts for misdemeanors, but a judge determines the bail requirement for felonies.

If you have a loved one in jail, you can learn more at the Portage County Clerk of Courts or reach out to Erb Legal. We can guide you in the best way to secure a loved one’s release.

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Frequently Asked Criminal Defense Questions

Do I Need a Ravenna Defense Attorney?

If you or a loved one are charged with a crime in Portage County, then yes, you should have legal representation. Even if you believe the matter is easily explained, you could do yourself more harm than good by handling things alone. A local criminal defense lawyer in Ravenna will have a better chance of beating the charges or mitigating a conviction.

Will I Go to Jail?

It depends on the crime in question, but most criminal charges include jail as a possible consequence of conviction. Ohio misdemeanors are punishable by weeks or months, while felonies are punishable by years in prison. But when you work with Erb Legal, we fight for you to avoid incarceration.

Should I Talk to the Police?

Not without a lawyer. If you are approached by law enforcement about a crime, questioned in any way, or arrested, you should not say anything to the police. Invoke your right to remain silent immediately, then hire an attorney who can gather evidence of your innocence.

What Does a Portage County Criminal Lawyer Cost?

Erb Legal offers criminal representation in Medina at reasonable rates. We know how intimidating attorney’s fees are, so we work to keep our client’s costs down. We’ll explain our rates and billing processes during your free consultation.

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Erb Legal is the complete package for high-caliber criminal defense in Ravenna, Kent, Aurora, Streetsboro, and Portage County.