“We called Wes for a number of issues that we needed help with and required ongoing legal representation for a number of years. Wes was knowledgeable and dependable. He always responded to our phone calls and questions. But most importantly, he listened to us and helped resolve our cases. Because of his many outstanding qualities, we highly recommend Wes.”


“Wesley is not only a great guy, but is dedicated to his profession. He was able to get me a favorable outcome in my recent trial and effectiveness is probably the best judge of a lawyer. I would highly recommend him.”

former client

“I called him and he took the time to help me understand the best way to deal with the case at hand.”

former client

“Upon receiving subpoena for deposition regarding a matter to which I was not involved, I called Wes Buchanan on the reference of a friend. I explained all of the details to Wes over the phone, after he cleared for conflict, he took my case. Very expeditiously, Wes contacted all counsel in the matter and the prevailing court. He was able to all but quash the deposition, and post deposition after finding all of the questions of opposing counsel were completely irrelevant, Wes motioned to strike the whole proceedings. We are still waiting judgement of the motion. Wes was timely, communicative, knowledgeable and capable. I will most assuredly retain him as counsel.”


“Wes was always prompt in responding to me, starting with my initial call and any time there was a change in my case. He was energetic and persevered to reduce the terms of my ticket to something much more manageable. Thank you Wes, for being so understanding and kind, but also very professional and getting results!”

former client

“Hired Wes, he got on all reports quickly, get reports to courts and working hard to complete this task. He is very good at communication and follow up.”

Jane M.

“For over a year I had been trying unsuccessfully to get a client to make payment on a large invoice. I was receiving no action/reaction from client. I reached out to Mr. Buchanan for assistance and he was successful in getting that overdue invoice paid. I would highly recommend him. He is THERE – phone calls, e-mails, whatever, are responded to quickly and you are kept informed every single step of the way. I will utilize his services going forward I assure you.”


“First of all I was out state client fighting for my daughter in Ohio, I live in Louisiana. I had another attorney but he didn't do anything for me. I called Mr. Erb told him my story and he took my case and after 9 months now we won jurisdiction back to Louisiana and my baby is home!! He is Awesome, he listens, and he will tell you the truth not drag you down 10,000 later and no answer. Nope he will get justice for you. Like I say I am all the way in Louisiana and I had my trust in this man and he Won my case.”

former client

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