“I received a misdemeanor that could have carried jail time with higher fines. Being very worried and nervous, I went to Google looking for an attorney. After scanning and reading for a few minutes, I called Thomas. He listened and understood my concerns and legal matter. We were able to negotiate all areas of our dealings professionally. No one in my family will ever call another attorney. He is the best, he was fun to work with. He created small talk to alleviate courtroom nerves and gave perfect guidance and counsel. He delivered on every word He spoke. My legal issues are dissolved with virtually no consequence. Don't trust just anyone. Call Thomas”

Kris G.

“Thomas handled my legal claim with my son. Legally making me the residential parent so my son could attend my school district instead of his moms. I contacted Thomas the first week of school. He was able to get everything done and completed so my son only missed the first 2 weeks of school. I would recommend Thomas for anyone who needs great legal advice and things done in a timely manner.”


“Attorney Erb handled my divorce with great expertise. He was very personable, professional, reliable and dedicated to getting the best results possible. He was available at all times even on the weekends. He was very aggressive in court and made sure he looked after my best interest. He is the man you want during these heart-wrenching times in life, someone you can trust and count on. He takes it very serious to make sure you are satisfied with the results. After going through this divorce and finalizing it with Attorney Tom Erb, the name that comes to mind is “The Bulldog”. Thank you so much for a great job, well done! Highly Recommend!!!”


“Tom Erb was excellent when it came to both my cases. Everything I was hoping as well as expecting out of both my cases he accomplished! I will use Tom in the future as well as recommended him to others!”


“I consulted with Mr. Erb regarding a small claims matter. At the start, Thomas communicated his professional and ethical obligations. Next, he attentively listened to the details surrounding my matter, only asking questions for clarification. His demeanor was professional, yet caring, understanding, and informative. Mr. Erb was distinct in describing his responsibilities to me as counsel and what he desired from me as a client throughout the legal process. I highly recommend Erb Law for legal representation.”


“Mr. Erb was very thorough in all of his work. My case was a child visitation case. He made me feel that he had my son's best interest in hand. He fought for everything that I requested and we got pretty much everything I wanted. He made me feel like everything was going to be okay throughout the process. I would recommend Mr. Erb if you want a man who is passionate about his work and fights to help you out. Thank you.”


“I was caught in a speed trap in Ohio going more then 30 over the speed limit. The court wanted me to show up in court and just pay a fine, this would be easy if I didn't live 16 hours away. I came across Mr. Buchanan on the board of approved lawyers. Best choice I could have made. He got me not to show in court, plus Ohio wanted to take away my license. He stopped them from taking my license, and hitting me with points. Very easy to get a hold of even being 16 hours away. Over all great service from his whole staff. I would definitely hire Mr. Buchanan again.”


“Wes was attentive to my needs for my case, was proactive and direct in what I needed to do. His wide expertise and experience was known and admired by other lawyers working the case. He how’s in with confidence and a clear head to get the best outcome for his clients.”

former client

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