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Most civil cases don’t go to trial. Court dates usually come when parties refuse to negotiate in good faith. We’ll push for what’s fair without this added hassle. But if litigation is necessary, we don’t back down from a fight.

We’re Experienced Trial Lawyers

Sometimes going to court is the right move. And when it’s time, we’ll put our trial experience to work. Attorney Wesley Buchanan is no stranger to the courtroom and will demand everything you deserve.

Your Financial & Best Interests Come First

Whether it is a defamation claim, contract negotiation, or personal injury case, we handle your civil case with a clear understanding of your financial situation and what you need to achieve. When you can do better, we’ll explain how.

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Are you facing a difficult civil matter in NE Ohio? It’s important to remain level-headed and seek advice from a capable attorney 100% committed to you.

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Our Civil Trial Lawyers Get Results

Good litigators get what the client needs – in & out of the courtroom.

Many people go into civil matters unsure whether they need a lawyer. They wonder if they can handle the issue themselves. Can they negotiate their insurance claim after a car accident? Can they demand damages for a breach of contract?

Time and time again, people underestimate the benefits of hiring a civil attorney. Don’t make that mistake or sacrifice what you’re entitled to. Call Erb Legal to learn how we can help.

Have You Been Hurt?

Filing a lawsuit in Ohio often comes down to whether you’ve been physically or financially injured. Whether it’s after a car accident or business dispute, if someone’s responsible for causing you harm, talk with us about your options.

What Do You Want or Need?

When you come to us, we’ll discuss the resolution you’re hoping for. An insurance claim or mediation may be a good option, or a lawsuit may be your best bet. No matter what, you can expect candid advice on how to get the best results during a civil case.

Hope for the Best & Prepare for the Worse

Resolving a legal dispute outside of the courtroom is possible, and we will pursue every option. But not everyone wants to play fair. We don’t like when our clients get pushed around and prepare for trial from day one. This lets us assert your rights at every stage and makes your civil case ready for anything.

Getting the best possible result in your civil matter depends on the law, your rights, and your options. The best way to make a difference or gain the upper hand in your case is to consult an experienced civil litigation attorney at Erb Legal. We know what we’re talking about and are ready to find a solution.

Civil Litigation Resources & Help Center

Ohio Civil Courts

Various Ohio courts hear civil matters, including the Courts of Common Pleas General Division, Domestic Relations Division, and Court of Claims. It’s important to talk with a Medina civil litigation attorney about which court has jurisdiction in your case. For example, Municipal Courts hear civil matters worth up to $15,000, while civil matters worth more are heard in the General Division.

Civil Court Fees & Forms

Depending on your case, you may need to file certain forms and pay fees. We’ll explain what to expect during your case in terms of court documents and costs.

Appearing in Civil Court

Appearing in court is stressful, but we’ll prepare you. At Erb Legal, we recommend arriving on time and wearing formal or semiformal clothing. Avoid casual attire like jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. During a hearing, you won’t say much. It’s best to remain silent until asked a question. A judge won’t tolerate outbursts or rudeness.

How you present your argument matters, so we advise working with a local NE Ohio civil attorney. Even when the facts are on your side, you need a convincing argument. We know how to present the facts in the best light possible.

Civil Court Outcomes

The outcomes in civil court are limited. You may win compensation or property, or the judge may order the other party to do or not do something. We’ll make sure you thoroughly understand the possible outcomes and limits of a civil court.

Other Options: Mediation in Ohio

Civil disputes don’t have to go through a trial. Many parties resolve their matters through civil mediation.

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Can a civil matter lead to jail time?

No, civil matters typically involve compensation or an injunction against a particular action. The “loser” of a civil case isn’t incarcerated.

Can I appeal a civil lawsuit if I lose?

It may be possible to appeal the outcome of a civil lawsuit. It’s important to talk with a civil litigation attorney right away about whether you have a valid basis for an appeal.

Will I have to go to court?

It depends on your matter. We may see a path forward without filing a lawsuit, or, even if we initially file, we may resolve your dispute without a trial.

How much do you charge?

Every civil matter is unique. We recommend you talk with us about our fees during a free consultation. We make every effort to keep our fees reasonable and to keep your costs down during a legal matter. We also offer several financing options.

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