Defending Against Charges of Obtaining Drugs by Deception

Ohio state laws make drug offenses substantial crimes with tough sentences. State lawmakers have increased the penalties for any type of offense involving illegal prescriptions in an effort to reduce the amount of illegal prescription use in Northeast Ohio. Anyone found to have been using prescription drugs illegally, possessing prescription drugs illegally, or having in their possession a method for obtaining the drug, will have a tough case ahead of them in criminal court.

Many drug crimes in Ohio are charged or indicted as felonies and can result in a jail or prison term if the person charged with the crime is convicted. When faced with the grave consequences of a serious criminal allegation such as deception to obtain a dangerous drug, the assistance of an experienced and capable criminal defense attorney is critical to the outcome of your case.

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Ohio Revised Code

Ohio Revised Code 2925.22 makes it a crime to obtain a dangerous drug or a prescription for a dangerous drug by deception. Deception to obtain a dangerous drug involves procuring the administration of, a prescription for, or the dispensing of a dangerous drug.

Typically, these types of situations arise when you visit a doctor and get a prescription for a controlled drug such as Oxycodone. Then, a person visits a subsequent doctor to get another prescription for a controlled drug and the person does not tell the new doctor about their other prescription. This is a typical case example. Each time you visit a doctor to get these new prescriptions, you may be subjecting yourself to additional felony penalties.

Can a felony drug charge be reduced to a misdemeanor in Ohio?

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Defense attorneys representing individuals accused of deception to obtain a dangerous drug should be able to use their knowledge of Ohio and federal drug laws to fight for their clients and provide them with an aggressive legal defense.

Attorney Thomas L. Erb Jr. can help clients facing drug charges by providing them with an extensive legal defense strategy. They have the experience, skills, and know-how to effectively represent clients arrested or charged with drug crimes.

Erb Legal LLC can also help defendants facing a deception to obtain a dangerous drug charge to enter a Diversion Program or Intervention in Lieu of Conviction. Both of these options are considered deferred prosecution agreements. If these programs are successfully completed, the drug case may be dismissed without a criminal record. However, only certain cases are eligible for these programs.

Your life will forever be altered by a drug conviction, so do not take chances with your criminal defense representation. Erb Legal LLC takes pride in delivering cost-effective and reliable legal representation for drug crimes defendants in Northeast Ohio. These include flat fees and retainer agreements. Flat fees are offered on a case by case basis.

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